Meme. What pops up in your mind when you hear that word? Willy Wonka? A Shiba Inu dog? A random scene from a Marvel film? But will you think about the Covid-19 pandemic?

A meme on Covid-19 (

You might’ve encountered your first meme not long after you were able to access the Internet. I myself started daily dosing my life with memes since I visited 9GAG for the first time, and it was about a decade ago. The meme is such an old thing, but when do you think memes started to emerge?

You might think that they were born some time after the…

A map showing the distribution of the cases in Indonesia; taken from the Indonesia Ministry of Health’s webpage of the Covid-19 outbreak, April 8, 2020. (

This is the fourth month of 2020, and the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) has inarguably been the global main theme of the first third of the year. The news about it seems to have virtually eclipsed every other issue in the world — both bad and good ones.

However, in Indonesia, the eclipse did not happen until at least the beginning of March, when the first two official cases were declared.

Not only did Indonesia seem ignorant to the explosion of coronavirus cases in the west, it also stayed nonchalant despite the positive case reports in the neighbouring countries, Singapore and…

I’d never thought of English as more than something important; but one day I realised that I needed it more than ever.

Winding road (Liam Gant on

Disclaimer: I am by no means claiming myself to be highly proficient in English. There will always be room for improvement, and I’m yearning to find my lacks and improve. I can only say that I’ve improved because I measure it against a standard, that is, the IELTS score band. This is also far from a definitive guide for improving your IELTS score, but this is what I did to improve mine.

It was just another language

It’s quite safe to assume that…

2019 is the year when I decided to commit to read everyday. I realise that this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life; and therefore I want to promote reading books to everyone. Maybe in later posts I will write the benefits of reading that I personally have experienced.

Books in Black Wooden Bookshelf (

Among a myriad of inducers, one thing that I find really useful to kick-start this habit is to look at book reviews. Not only can they spark interest within me, they also give me insight about what people from different backgrounds think about a certain book.

How a simple concept in science can explain the reluctance of change; and help you hold a new paradigm of change.

A car moving at a high speed (

Picture this: one evening, you are in a car, driving at 110 km/h. The sky is picturesquely orange and everything is fine. Until suddenly, a cat that was licking its paw beside the road decided to troll you and cross the road abruptly. Having a ninja-grade reaction, you immediately push the brake as deep as possible.

What happens next? Do you imagine yourself pushed forward even if the car has stopped?

If yes, you just described inertia at work…

Talking about how diverse Indonesians are always means bringing up Chinese Indonesians into the topic.

Chinese new year in Indonesia (

I am an Indonesian. A 100% Indonesian. Or at least, that’s what I think of myself. Others might beg to differ. But then again, isn’t that the very gist of being Indonesians? Differences here and there, but still one. Or to put it exactly as Indonesia’s loudly resounded jargon: Bhinekka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

Throughout my 23-year life, I’ve heard many sentiments about Chinese Indonesians (hereinafter referred to as Chindos), both direct and indirect (the latter are usually the hurtful ones, but I’ve grown…

Just another story of the power of microorganism

How do you treat the water in your aquarium? By filtering it through a sieve? Stream it through activated carbon? Now those are just the most basic treatment for your aquarium.

Aquarium (

Fish (and other aquatic pet) will eat food and excrete waste. Their waste contains ammonia that eventually will be more and more concentrated in time, and at a certain threshold, will be toxic for your pet. Ammonia could also come from another source that is organic. You may have notice that in almost every fish food packaging, there would be a warning for excessive feeding. Yes, excess feed will…

The “golden” is not only for the colour

What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘turmeric’?

The colour gold? But why else does it called the golden spice?

Turmeric Rhizome (Source:


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